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Rotors stood still are entirely one-off pieces which combine a bike hub and rotor to make this minimalist yet industrial design. Utilising reclaimed and salvaged bike hubs each piece is entirely unique.


Rotors stood still I is the first creation using this design concept. The 180 rotor is complemented with the large bulb to allow the materiality of the edision style bulb to speak for itself. This lamp is designed to bring attention to the bulb; the rotor locked in place by the stationary hub it is a freeze-frame of the normally rapidly rotating disc brake rotor.


The second Rotors Stood Still creation is a light artwork with a quirky personality. Whereas the first Rotors Stood Still worked towards balancing the size of the differing elements this piece makes a fun juxtaposed challenge to the composition. The rotor frozen in time by a seemingly small yet powerful bulb. This light art may be small but it works effectively to create atmopshere and as a quirky addition to any room.

Rotors Stood Still II

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