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This interlocking maze of copper pipes creates a freestanding floor lamp which is a striking sculptural statement for your room. Each one is handmade to order and features three bulbs to provide a practical and atmopsheric lighting affect. The design combines industrial and modern aesthetics which as well as creating a bold sculptural light goes on to create beautiful shadows when positioned close to a wall.


Designed and made by Andrea Pocock the concept behind the copper collection is a contemplation over the complexities of life with the light representative of positive or life-changing moments. Cloudscape Studio aims to bridge the gap between product design and art, bringing intriguing conceptual ideas into the home.


Since each piece is made-to-order and therefore the bulb holder fittings and finish of the copper pipe can be adjusted to suit your taste. Each piece is constructed by hand and this means that the delivery can take one week through to to several weeks. Please appreciate this is because of the hand-construction of our work and the precision we apply to each piece. Our lights are works of art and because of this we treat each and everyone with great care.

Copper Tower

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