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These lights were designed to incorporate disc rotor brakes from a push-bike and a central LED bulb making the Brake Light a statement table lamp. This original Brake Light design combines entirely unique ideas and utilises the features of the brake disc rotors to make a cohesive and modern design. 


Designed and made by Andrea Pocock this innovative design is completely unique. The fun and quirky name plays on the components of the lamp making this light artwork an artistic interpretation of what you would expect of a Brake Light. The collection includes various experimentations with bike parts which utilise the disc rotors as a main component.


Since each piece is made-to-order and constructed by hand; this means that the delivery can take one week through to to several weeks. Please appreciate that this is because of the hand-construction of our work and the precision we apply to each piece. Our lights are works of art and because of this we treat each and everyone with great care.

Brake Light

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